Refund & Cancellation Policy

If you have problems with your product, and you want to return your product to the selling party, you can also send the product to our brokerage platform address. We will forward this for you to our foreign supplier so that they can improve the quality of the product.

To return your product, we would like to ask you to first contact our customer service team at info@instacomfy. They will then provide you with a return form, which you must use when returning.

Returns are possible within 14 days after receipt of your order.

As soon as we have checked the received return shipment for signs of use, the purchase amount will be refunded to you. This process normally takes about five business days.

Changing or Canceling Orders

Request for changing or canceling orders, please do contact us at Please do note that request of changing or canceling orders on or after the scheduled ship date will not be accepted.

Charges of the Cancellation

Order Placement

On Order Day

First day after

Second day after

Third day after

Order Cancellation

Within 24 hours of order placement

after 24 hours of order placement

after 48 hours of order placement



Free of Charge

10% Charge

15% Charge


In process