Diaper Backpack With Changing Bed
Diaper Backpack With Changing Bed
Diaper Backpack With Changing Bed

Diaper Backpack With Changing Bed

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We know that changing your baby's diaper day in and day out and carrying them all day long can be VERY EXHAUSTING!

Having a private, clean, and controlled environment for your child can sometimes be the difference between a cranky baby and a happy one. That's why at Instacomfy, we teamed up with experts and developed this backpack that has a built-in bed for your baby, anywhere, and anytime!


INSULATED POCKETS – High-density insulated pockets help maintain bottle temperature over time. Great for when you’re on the go and won’t have access to a bottle warmer.

LARGE CAPACITY – With multiple different pockets and compartments built in, meet all the demands of mommy on the go. Separate bottles, clothes, towels, underwear, diaper, formula, and more.

MULTI-FUNCTION – Use as diaper bag, baby bed, mommy backpack, nurse bag, shopping bag or travel backpack. Constructed with the ultimate balance of style and functionality, our maternity bags are ready for anything.


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